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Monday, November 17, 2014 8:19:23 PM
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On the subject of cheating, I have a question. What is constituted as cheating? Is it just copying off of someone else's test, or could one say that sharing answers with a peer is cheating? I know, as a student, I have a habit of rationalizing my "cheating" by saying, "Well once I get the answer, I'll understand." I think all students do. For this simple reason, I do think that cheating is more abundant. This generation has gained the ability to explain away their mistakes and pitfalls. 
Furthermore, I agree with the quote that "Students are surprisingly unclear about what constitutes plagiarism or cheating." Upon proofreading both papers of my peers and myself, I find that we can not all agree on a certain way to cite a source, and thus, although by accident, we plagiarize. I do not believe that this is because of a lack of quality in teaching, but that we simply have not had to learn it yet. 
Integrity never goes out of style. For that simple reason, I believe that blatant cheating is wrong, whether we can excuse it or not. Receiving answers with no learning or work can not substitute for the understanding that one can achieve through their own problem-solving.