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Friday, January 30, 2015 3:56:03 PM
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Re: Can Graffiti Ever Be Considered Art? (19)

I agree with Banksy when he says that public reaction makes art. Reason for agreeing with this statement would be, one that if the masses do not like it nothing will become of it, and two if is not looked out by the public the art work will be forgotten before it would become memorable. One example that backs my decision is the song "Friday" by Rebecca Black. No one appreciated this song, so Rebecca repeatedly got bashed on for this. And in end did not have a music career.
Yes, I do believe the Banksy image above is art, due to the complexity yet simplicity of the piece. The piece shows the opposite side of being searched by a cop. And puts the cop in the position the arrested would normally be in, but uses a little girl as the searcher.
I have always been moved by graffiti om trains and billboards. This is something that I find very intriguing,  ever since I was a young boy. Graffiti is type of art used to express ones feelings by acting out a bit, which isn't always a bad thing.
No, an audience doesn't have to necessarily be moved by a painting or image for it to be considered art. Art is something that gives life meaning with out directly saying it in words, such as a book or a poem.
I feel like Banksy's anonymity at first was just out of art and not wanting to get arrested for expressing art in an illegal way. Although now I feel like Banksy knows that if he stays anonymous his painting will become worth more and more as time behind the scenes goes on.